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The Good Listeners’ long, strange (musical) road trip

The Good Listeners have made three albums of good listening, but the Los Angeles duo — Clark Stiles and Nathan Khyber — have always been as much about the process as the product. Their debut “Ojai” was written and recorded, one song per day, at a small house in that town; their second album “Crane Point Lodge” was made amid ghosts and isolation in remote upstate New York. For their third, Stiles and Khyber tried something even more unusual:

Toting their recording studio cross-country in a rented RV, the duo over the course of 24 days made 12 songs at 12 locales with 12 different collaborators. The journey was filmed as a documentary for the CD/DVD release “Don’t Give Up Your Daydream.” The movie, which earned a special jury prize at the Nashville FilmFestival, captures Stiles and Kyber — former rockers in the failed major-label band Absinthe — as they wrestle with their motives for making music in the first place.

The musical travelogue also features a zany cast of collaborators that includes Bingo Richey (in whose “Integratron,” pictured above, “Square Houses” was made; Bugs Salcido (with whom they worked on a ranch in Marfa, Texas); Ron “Black” Guidry (who recorded with them on his swamp-tour boat in Houma, La.); “Daddy Mac” Oar (an auto mechanic who demanded $500 for the session in Memphis); and actor/musician Adrian Grenier (a friend of the band who rendezvoused with them in Louisville).

It’s a trip you could not make up, and, in retrospect, how an album emerged from the journey is pretty remarkable.


28deep discusses the LA Screening

I have told countless friends about the inspiring story behind the movie and record release of “don’t quit your daydream” by LA’s the good listeners. my obsession with the band came full circle at the end of june when i had the opportunity to see their documentary on the big screen at the egyptian theater, and then hear the band play live in the courtyard after the premiere.

The movie itself got a proper theater debut right in hollywood, with contributor/producer and “entourage” icon adrian grenier taking the stage with the band. while grenier plays a critical role in making the documentary a reality for the good listeners, it’s really the music that takes center stage, along with a story that inspires to the very end.

And the record, with or without the movie attached, is EPIC. i have played it non-stop for months now, and every time “if i stay,” “good enough,” or “eighty steps away” comes on, i am reminded why the daydream is so important.

PLEASE buy this album, and download the movie. it may just save your soul. PHOTO LINK!


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