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"Entourage" star Adrian Grenier preached that music is a universal language on Wednesday night in LA. The musically gifted actor produced a documentary, which follows the band The Good Listeners on a cross-country trip.

Adrian is good friends with band members Clark Stiles andNathan Khyber. He once was even roommates with Clark and called it a "joy" and "treat" to hear the band rehearse in their home.

The heart-melting star believes humans are genetically programmed to respond to music and that rhythm runs through our veins. "Everybody has music in them," he professed. "Whether it be singing in the shower or getting up on stage and doing a phat solo, everybody has it in them. If you look at kids, you play music and they'll start bopping their heads. We understand music on a primal level."

Clark keeps the dream of sharing music alive in the documentary'Don't Quit Your Daydream.' Not finding chart-topping success a necessity, he said, "Everybody wants to express themselves and I think that there's a certain amount of reciprocation that you kind of want when you express yourself, especially as a musician."

Fame is not everything, Adrian agreed. "A lot of times people put too much emphasis on this rock stardom and they forget about why they're playing music in the first place," he explained. "After watching the movie, at least I started to appreciate music for music's sake."

Adrian made himself at home on the stage, joining his buddies for part of their set. He played the harmonica and strummed away on the guitar. Details remain under wraps for the potential 'Entourage' movie, with the lead actor "awaiting" the script.

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