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Don't Quit Your Daydream

This is the story of two life-long musicians who are in a band together called The Good Listeners. They road trip through the heart of America recording their third album. Along the way they collaborate with an offbeat cast of strangers who force them to reconsider what it means to live a life dedicated to the art of music.

Don't Quit Your Daydream from Ludlow Kingsley on Vimeo.


A J. Loar Production In Association With Reckless Productions & The Good Listeners
The Good Listeners Are: Nathan Khyber & Clark Stiles
Produced By: John Loar & Adrian Grenier
Executive Producers: Sandlot Venture Group, Jon Divens & Tom Halbach
Directed By: Clark Stiles & Merritt Lear
Associate Producer: Robin Garvick
Director Of Photography: Marcin Nadonly
Music Supervisor: Spike Keating
Cameraman: Jason Krangle
Production Coordinator: Toby Wilson
Edited By: Shawn P. Mitchell
Additional Editor: Cristina Dunlap

Prototype Day, Location 0: Hint Mint, Los Angeles, Ca Collaborator: Stewart Cole Track 8: "Well Done"
Day 1, Location 1: The Integratron, Joshua Tree, Ca Collaborator: Bingo Richey Track 10: "Square Houses"
Day 7, Location 2: Mw Craftsman, Madrid, Nm Collaborator: Linda K. Dunhill Collaborator: Lane Mann Track 11: "Time Is Not My Friend"
Day 9, Location 3: Boyd Elder's Art Ranch, Valentine, Tx Collaborator: Bugs Salcido Track 07: "Can't Be Held"
Day 13, Location 4: Bayou Black Swamp Tour, Houma, La Collaborator: Ron Black Guidry Track 09: "Lake Life"
Day 11, Location 5: And/Or Gallery, Dallas, Tx Collaborator: Paul Slocum Track 02: "Insect Losing Balance"
Day 15, Location 6: American Dreams Safari, Memphis, Tn Collaborator: Mac Oar Track 05: "If I Stay"
Day 17, Location 7: Steve Wilson's Barn, Louisville, Ky Collaborator: Adrian Grenier Track 06: "Chemtrails"
Day 20, Location (Cut): Ohio State University Collaborator: Shaiun Lentini Collaborator: Steven Lentini Collaborator: Marcus Brown Track 04: "Don't Break"
Day 22, Location 8: Paul Green School Of Rock, Philadelphia, Pa Collaborator: Gina Gleason Track 03: “Never Good Enough”
Day 24, Location 9: Michelle's Rooftop, Brooklyn, Ny Collaborator: Christian Strekely Track 01: “Eighty Steps Away”